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Broken treaties and stolen land. Facing the hard truths.


What are Treaties?

From 1774 until about 1832, treaties between individual sovereign American Indian nations and the U.S. were negotiated to establish borders and prescribe conditions of behavior between the parties. The form of these agreements was nearly identical to the Treaty of Paris ending the Revolutionary War between the U.S. and Great Britain. The negotiations ended in a mutually signed pact which had to be approved by the U.S.Congress. Non-tribal citizens were required to have a passport to cross sovereign Indian lands.

From 1832 until 1871, American Indian nations were considered to be domestic, dependent tribes. Negotiated treaties between tribes and the U.S. had to be approved by the U.S. Congress.

In 1871, the House of Representatives ceased recognition of individual tribes within the U.S. as independent nations with whom the United States could contract by treaty, ending the nearly 100 year old practice of treaty-making between the U.S. and American Indian tribes. Source: National Archives- American Indian Treaties

Treaties are the responsibility of all the citizens of a signing party, meaning, YOU. You are on our indigenous Nation’s land and we deserve to be treated accordingly considering as a “legal citizen” of the “United States of America” you prosper off of our oppression, geneocide, and removal from our lands and resources.

What can you do to uphold treaties and acknowledge the land you are on?


The way to uphold, acknowledge the treaties, and that you are on Stolen Land, is to find out who’s land you are on, First.

Reach out to that community to ask them what YOU can do to acknowledge the wrongs done to them and how YOU can uphold the treaties made with their Nation.


DO NOT assume Indigenous people no longer live where you live.

DO NOT assume the United States of America has done right by any Indigenous Nation because of Casinos.

DO NOT ask for a tax deduction if you are paying the Nation back for your uninvited occupation of their territory.

DO NOT assume because you are not of European/white ancestry that you are welcomed or have rights to stolen land.


-When talking to First peoples, ask about their protocol and culture.

-Behave towards our Nation’s leaders with the same or stricter protocol and reverence as the leader of your nation (e.g., you would never email or text the President of the United States of America directly unless you are already in familial or otherwise deep relationship with them. 

-When you pay your land tax/donation keep in mind this ISN’T Mutal Aid. Our Ancestors gave their life, food, technology, and culture so that the WORLD could be today. PAY because it is part of atonement and the just thing to do for your continued occupancy of our lands.

-ASK ASK ASK!!! ALWAYS ASK what can be done or what is needed.

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