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Wild Turkey Clan Dancers
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The 16,000 years of Piscataway Conoy culture are the roots and backbone of what we now call the Washington D.C. metropolitan area (DMV).

Everything starts with a name; the Name Piscataway Conoy is the English translation of Kinwaw Paskestikweya "The people who live on the long river with a bend in it" or what we now call the Potomac. These names were given by local First Nations Families to indicate geographical location - not necessarily the name our ancestors called themselves. We will always consider ourselves Wee-So “The People”.  We are the modern descendants of those families who lived on these tidewaters. We are a Band, Clan, Nation, and a Non-Profit organization.

Our cultural and resource center is located in the heart of our historical hunting grounds which is now known as Waldorf Maryland, where we hosted Maryland’s only Pow-Wow for 38 years, and only Piscataway focused Museum. Which has always been built and supported by Band/Clan members personal resources, work, and efforts. Though we are recognized by the state of Maryland as the First Families of this land, they continue to refuse return of our rightful claim of stewardship of this land and the resources we have given to the Americas and the world.

Our current efforts are focused on restoring sovereignty, and returning to our rightful place on this land. Participating will not only help us out of forced poverty and colonization, it will begin to heal the MANY wrongs done to our ancestors by white supremacy, Eco-terrorism, and genocide. 

Our mission:  Be a coherent source of empowerment, preservation, and co-creation for indigenous communities of the Chesapeake region - while sharing our unique culture with the world.

Our Goals: Safeguard traditional protocol and stewardship of our community. Restore wellness and balance to our people and Mother Earth. Self-determination; regain control of our story and history. 







Wild Turkey Clan Dancers

Circa 1996