Service is the key
We are part of the whole.
Community means human connections.
Leaving a legacy of unity.
I teach to learn

Conoy Creations is the DMV's premier resource for Piscataway education, entertainment and arts.  We bring living history and culture to your doorstep. The 16,000 years of Piscataway Conoy culture are the roots of what we now call the Washington D.C metropolitan area.

Everything starts with a name; the Name Piscataway Conoy is the English translation of Kinwaw Paskestikweya "The people who live on the long river with a bend in it" or what we now call the Potomac. These names were given by local First Nations Families to indicate geographical location - not necessarily the name our ancestors called themselves. We will always consider ourselves Peyakohewamak "One Family." 

Our mission:  Be a resource of empowerment, preservation and social change for indigenous communities of the Chesapeake region - while sharing our unique history and culture with the world.

Our Goals: To continue to be stewards of our community, our state, and our country. To restore wellness and balance to our people and Mother Earth and to regain control of our story and history. 

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